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If so what formats of the name? Thank you for the detailed explanation. Should we change the form because of GDPR? Should we honor delete requests and how can we check if they are legit? Thank you very much to share this precious informations! I would like to ask other questions focus on developer working for e-commerce companies.

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Me, the server host or the client? Risk analyse compliance GDPR asks to analyse processing and identify risks toward rights and liberties but how to measure this without any experience about it? Should we imagine different scenarios likely to happen? Hello again, Bozho! Thank you for the first quick answer! Now me and my team have run into another issue. What should we do with these documents once someone wants to be forgotten? Would it be okay if we keep them for a specific period of time since for example we need invoices to do our accounting?

Thank you in advance! Gabriela — yes, you should keep those. They are in most cases requried by specific legislation either accounting legislation or user protection legislation for warranties. But define a retention period and delete them once the warranty expires or the accounting legislation period expires.

Super interesting article that has allowed me to get to know better what GDPR is about without using much legal wording, but a more technical approach, which is what I understand best as a Web Developer. If you have less structured fields like a notes area and a user enters their name or address in notes, how do you know? How do you test for that? Do you need to?

What about data that might not be about the user, but is PII on another person? Is it possible for my friend, Jose, jose jose. You have to inform the non-registered user that you have data about them. This would only apply if the information is provided in a structured way, e.

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As an example. Also, can Jose request to be forgotten?

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We have data about Jose, but that is data another user has entered as notes. Where does it say shipping information needs to be removed after its shipped? Also where does it say you need to mass mail existing users to check consent boxes? Tom indeed, I assumed the case where you have email and are thus able to identify the subject.

You have to balance the consequences. Which practically means either mass-emailing, or waiting for their next login and marking them as inactive until then. Only if the user requests so. It is truly a great and useful piece of information. I am happy that you simply shared this useful information with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing. That is a very good tip especially to those fresh to the blogosphere. Simple but very accurate information… Appreciate your sharing this one. A must read post!

Can I simply just say what a relief to discover an individual who truly knows what they are discussing online. You certainly realize how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people really need to read this and understand this side of your story. Great Article. Do you have list of standard GDPR rule to write.

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I just finished training t become a website developer since I was unable to woirk my usual jobs, but nowI am thinking of giving it up because of GDPR I have no money for attorneys and for example: Is a contact form still legal? I have read that No set guide really or general consensus on HOw to comply in such cases… Nor any that that I can find so far after hundreds of hours of using Google and Bing search, not enough peace of mind to feel safe at least. There are so many fake brokers out there. You have to be careful and know when is the right time to invest, I started working with a new broker and he explained some tricks that i can testify to after been scammed for a lot of money, i was able to recover my funds and am still enjoying the benefits.

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I will be more than happy to share this new discovery. Where in there does it state that GDPR related consent must be acquired interactively such as using separate checkboxes for each processing activity? All the article seems to state is that consent related topics should be clearly distinguishable upon reading the terms of service, if they are made part of the terms of service.

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As you search the internet for more knowledge about child development, some of the results would have to do with proper education. Warm hospitality of locals, in conjunction with local travel guidance is likely to make your Morocco vacanza a wonderful trip of your respective lifetime. Firstly, really useful article thank you. As a developer for a Digital Agency.

If we are requested to implement work that is potential likely in breach of GDPR. Who is responsible for that implementation? This for me us a HUGE red flag and something that we have raised with the client as a potentially huge breach. Especially as this functionality is not referred to anywhere in any policies. We are not going to proceed with the work but it left me wondering. In that instance, where a development agency has implemented something on request and behalf of a client at their instruction. Who is liable for that breach if it were one?

A bcc copy with IP itself is not a violation, but it has to be put in the policies and there should be a retention period defined. Good article about GDPR implementation! It might create a loophole for criminal activities if implemented. Thanks for replying! How about setting up a workflow for GDPR compliance? Your email address will not be published. It is actually useful for integration tests to have that feature to cleanup after the test , but it may be hard to implement depending on the data model.

In a regular data model, deleting a record may be easy, but some foreign keys may be violated. That means you have two options — either make sure you allow nullable foreign keys for example an order usually has a reference to the user that made it, but when the user requests his data be deleted, you can set the userId to null , or make sure you delete all related data e.

This may not be desirable, e. With event sourcing you should be able to remove a past event and re-generate intermediate snapshots. For blockchain-like structures — be careful what you put in there and avoid putting personal data of users. Overall, you must constantly think of how you can delete the personal data. What about backups? Ideally, you should keep a separate table of forgotten user IDs, so that each time you restore a backup, you re-forget the forgotten users. Notify 3rd parties for erasure — deleting things from your system may be one thing, but you are also obligated to inform all third parties that you have pushed that data to.

So if you have sent personal data to, say, Salesforce, Hubspot, twitter, or any cloud service provider, you should call an API of theirs that allows for the deletion of personal data. Calling the 3rd party APIs to remove data is not the full story, though. You also have to make sure the information does not appear in search results. Ideally, you should make the personal data page return a HTTP status, so that it can be removed. The user settings page may also have that button with a dropdown to select from the Article 18 1 options.

When clicked after reading the appropriate information , it should mark the profile as restricted. That means it should no longer be visible to the backoffice staff, or publicly. When clicked, the user should receive all the data that you hold about them. What exactly is that data — depends on the particular usecase.

Educational Records: A Practical Guide for Legal Compliance

The structure of the dump is not strictly defined, but my recommendation would be to reuse schema. Sometimes data export can take a long time, so the button can trigger a background process, which would then notify the user via email when his data is ready twitter, for example, does that already — you can request all your tweets and you get them after a while. Users must be able to fix all data about them, including data that you have collected from other sources e.

Ideally, these checkboxes should come directly from the register of processing activities if you keep one. It is for the legal team to decide what a legitimate interest is, but direct marketing is included in that category, as well as any common sense processing relating to the business activity — e. So not all processing activities need consent checkboxes. Re-request consent — if the consent users have given was not clear e.

So prepare a functionality for mass-emailing your users to ask them to go to their profile page and check all the checkboxes for the personal data processing activities that you have. It is a good implementation of the right to access. Though Google is very far from perfect when privacy is concerned. This is not all about the right to access — you have to let unregistered users ask whether you have data about them, but that would be a more manual process.

You also need to tell the user in what ways you are processing their data. This legislation focuses on expanding college access and preparing minority students for competitive and innovative jobs. This came about in response to growing public concerns over ever-rising costs associated with higher education, particularly textbooks and supplemental course materials, and threats to academic quality. Unemployment insurance tax liabilities have skyrocketed. Higher UI taxes are altering hiring and retention decisions and affecting other talent management decisions.

Finding employee engagement low in your workplace? Consider building trust Trust is said to be the cornerstone to successful relationships in the workplace and the cornerstone of successful leadership. Without it, relationships break down and people stop working collaboratively. Employee engagement decreases reflecting in your bottom line. This article explains the best practices how to establish and maintain trust in your workplace.

Stringent regulations like the FLSA, OSHA, sexual harassment and anti-discrimination laws though are in force, companies should be wise enough to understand their responsibilities to be desired employers. HR compliance entails that one understands the law and has designed policies in tune so that these laws are followed. To make it effective, it requires that these programs are threaded into the business strategies. A cooperative effort from all levels of hierarchy will see the effort through in achieving HR compliance.

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