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John Piper and Justin Taylor, 69 Crossway, Fechner, J. Simon, and W. Dennis W.

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Augustine ". Atheism: the case against God. New York City : Nash. Elseth Did God Know? A Study of the Nature of God.

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Retrieved January 30, An Open Orthodoxy. Creating God in the Image of Man. Minneapolis : Bethany House. Open Theism. Tanchuma Mass'ei 7, Num. Rabbah ] — "Would He say…": Heb. This is in the form of a question. And the Targum Onkelos renders,"who later relent. Retrieved 19 August Seeds of Christianity. Simple to remember. Grand Rapids, Mich.

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Treier, eds. Christianity Today. Trinity and Process , G. God's Lesser Glory , Bruce A. Schreiner and Bruce A. The Sovereignty of God Debate, D. Ganssle and David M. Ganssle editor , et al. This article's use of external links may not follow Wikipedia's policies or guidelines. Please improve this article by removing excessive or inappropriate external links, and converting useful links where appropriate into footnote references. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Religion portal. Conceptions of God.

Does God Learn? [Refuting Open Theism] (Doug Eaton)

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Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Scripture the Bible. Scripture is "the infallible Word of God". God's Power. God's Sovereignty. Portraying God as ordaining whatever happens reduces "humans to robots". Nothing , including no evil person or thing or event or deed. God's Perfection. Believes in " because Scripture teaches the absolute perfection of God. Believes that, because "Scripture says" it, God "will always do what is right". God's Foreknowledge. Classically Augustinian - Calvinist view: "God knows the future because he preordains it.

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The Fall. This event plunged them and all mankind into a state of sin and corruption.

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God "does not unilaterally and irrevocably decide what to do". God's decisions are influenced by "human attitudes and responses". Free Will. Theological debates have arisen over the ways and to the extent to which sin has affected the power to choose good over evil, and hence one's 'free will'. Promotes incompatibilism , the doctrine that "the agent's power to do otherwise" is "a necessary condition for acting freely". Promotes compatibilism , the doctrine that "freedom" of the will requires only "the power or ability to do what one will desire or choose to do" without constraint or impediment, even if what one wills is determined.

Free Will and God's Sovereignty. A "caustic debate" began about over " God's sovereignty and human free will". Saying that God governs human choices reduces "angels or humans to robots in order to attain his objectives. God governs "the choices of human beings", but without "cancelling [their] freedom and responsibility".

Theodicy issue. To meet the "conditions of love", God exercises "general rather than specific sovereignty, which explains why God does not prevent all evil". Because "Scripture says" it, God "will always do what is right". Rice was the "pioneer of contemporary evangelical open theism. Critical acclaim, but public mostly unaware of open theism, so controversy had not begun. Considers divine omniscience, theodicy, and petitionary prayer in freewill perspective.

Sees open theism as wrong biblically, theologically, and philosophically.

Made open theism the centerpiece of a theodicy. Bethany, Asserts that open theism should be called "new theism" or "neotheism" because it is so different from classical theism Accuses open theists of selective use of Scripture and caricaturing classical theism. Gregory A. Attacked classical theists as "blueprint theologians" espousing a "blueprint world view" 47, Douglas Huffman and Eric Johnson, eds.

Contains "Replies to my Critics" appendix, Craig Branch, ed. Kindle, Bruce Ware carefully summarizes and critiques this dangerous doctrine from a thoroughly biblical perspective, exploring their implications and faithfully pinpointing the subtle ways that open theism undermines our trust in God and lessens His glory in our lives. This action might not be possible to undo.

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