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Slayer - South of Heaven

Luckily, Rogue had a firm grasp on the backs of both of their shirts, which, in retrospect, was only likely to get them to stop for a second because they were liable to rip them to escape. Do you understand me? The seatbelts and the teeth marks.

Gajeel ripped away from the car, pulling a chunk of metal with him, which he promptly chewed and swallowed. Wendy rubbed her bleary eyes as chaos erupted around her. Perhaps she would even disconnect the phones in the house, she mused. When she caught sight of something attached to the car catching on fire and Natsu cackling in delight, Wendy also figured somebody else could also deal with the incident report to follow.

Either way, the Heartfilia bloodline would pay for their betrayal… with their lives. Acnologia knew how powerful he was, how much he was feared across the world. He gritted his teeth, thinking about what has happened in these last years. His mind wanders to one specific subject, but he quickly shakes his head at the thought.

She broke him, the only person he has ever let in these closed off walls of his… and she betrayed him. Synopsis: Acnologia has been defeated by the seven dragon slayers. But is the outcome really a victory- or a tragedy? The impact caused such a huge explosion, it could be seen from across the continent as it wiped out the entire town. When the dust cleared, all the Fairy Tail members, along with some members from allied guilds such as Crime Sorciere, Sabertooth and Blue Pegasus, emerged from where they hid and stared in shock at the horrible display in front of them.

The place was a total wasteland. Collapsed buildings were all over the place; the streets torn to shreds; rubble, brick, dirt, and debris covered the entire area. Just the sight of it made everyone sick to their stomachs, but each of them were still thankful they evacuated the entirety of Magnolia before the war even began.

After taking in the aftermath of the battle, everyone split into groups and started searching for survivors. Gajeel had apparently shielded Wendy from the explosion, keeping her safe from harm. Thankfully, Gajeel was also able to change his skin to iron plated just in the nick of time.

The two of them, injured and worn out from the battle but very much alive, were pulled out of the rubble and brick and brought to safety. They also had plenty of injuries and cuts, but other than that they were just fine.

Seven Slayers by Paul Cain

The Thunder Legion managed to find Laxus safe and sound before Freed could start freaking out. When the explosion occurred, he just barely managed to duck behind what was left of a nearby building just in time. Erik, with a cocky smile on his face while sitting against a broken lamp post, was found by Jellal and the rest of Crime Sorciere. He had just barely managed to jump for cover inside what was once a basement.

He had gotten quite a few more scars on his body, but managed to live to see another day as well.

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Their clothes were torn, they all had multiple injuries and cuts all over their bodies, and they probably were not going to be able to move all that well on their own for a while. But they all survived the greatest fight of their lives. Before the battle against Acnologia, Natsu had already taken a huge toll on his body and magic after facing his brother Zeref in a heated battle all on his own.

And even before that, the mighty demon E. Needless to say, Lucy was against him fighting Acnologia from the very get go. Natsu had turned around to retort, but stopped when he saw the run of tears going down her cheeks.

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He had to do this, and he needed to show her. I made a promise to you a long time ago to protect your future and I plan on continuing to keep that promise. Lucy wanted to retaliate, she really did. But she trusted Natsu, maybe more than anyone else in her life. Maybe, hopefully she thought, his drive to protect her and the guild was going to be enough to keep him alive?

Lucy watched him run for a few seconds before she ran the opposite direction towards the back of the battle lines where the rest of the guild was, getting themselves ready to aid the dragon slayers in whatever way they could. That was hours ago, but it felt so much longer than that. It felt like it had been years since she last saw him and his goofy grin she loved so much. Now here she was, along with the rest of her friends and allies, spending hours upon hours searching every nook and cranny in the ruins of Magnolia for any sign of him, praying to whoever was out there listening that he was alright.

Though some were starting to lose hope that he was, Lucy was too stubborn to quit looking. She may have seemed angry, but she was just as worried about him as everyone else.

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And quite impatient too. I mean, Natsu-Kun and the other dragon slayers did just spend a lot of magic energy taking down Acnologia. Either that, or he was too focus on what was in front of him to process her talking to him. She watched as he stopped in front of something and started digging franticly in the dirt. Juvia felt sick thinking about what, or who, Gray was digging for. Gray kept digging and digging through the dirt and rock, getting his hands all cut up.

He recognized that white anywhere, and it could only mean what he and everyone else feared the most. His hands were shaking as he pulled it out and sat there in shock as he stared at the object in his hands, feeling sick to his stomach at just the sight of it and what it meant. Juvia had finally made it over to him and gasped when she saw what was in his hands.

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The rest of the guild, having heard Juvia yelling for Gray and seeing him run off towards something, surrounded them to see what was going on, but all of them stopped in their tracks once they saw what he was holding. Lucy hesitantly stopped in front of Gray as she looked down in horror at the scarf in his hands. Lucy slowly backed away, still staring at the scarf, before turning around and started yelling. But no answer. Gajeel, Levy, Wendy, and the exceeds stood right by them. That fool. I… I fear the worst has most likely happened.

H-he must have survived! He would never break a promise! There might not even be anything left him to find!

Lucy stood there, processing what Erza had said. He had promised her that they were all going to walk to the guild together, not without him. She tried to think of something, anything that may point to the alternative she wanted.

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Lucy then heard sobbing. She turned to see Wendy, balling into Gajeel and Levy as they hugged her tightly, crying themselves. The exceeds were right beside them, with Lily and Carla holding Happy as the poor little blue cat was having his own trouble coping with what was happening. It was then she took in the rest of her surroundings and noticed that not a single person from Fairy Tail there was dried eyed. Ed Lin is the award-winning author of several books, including One Red Bastard April and is an all-around standup kinda guy.

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