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The Mighty Wah! Read More Edit Wiki. So let's have another drink and let's talk about the blues.

The Story of the Blues (Part 1)

Blues is about dignity, it's about self-respect, and no matter what they take away from you - that's yours for keeps. I remember how it was, how every medium - T. I remember how you'd hear people take it for granted that it was true - just 'cause someone with an ounce of power said so. And that's a problem now, too many oddballs, too many pocketbook psychologists and would-be philosophers with an axe to grind.

But there's a solution, it's not easy, but it's a matter of coming to terms in your heart with situation you're in, a matter of choosing how things go for you and not having things forced upon you. There are plenty of forces against you, forcing you against your will, your ideals - you've got to hope for the best, and that's the best you can hope for - you've got to hope against hope I remember something Sal Paradise said, he said: 'the city intellectuals of the world are debauched from the full body blood-of-the-land and are just rootless fools'.

So listen, when the smile, the condescending pat-on-the-back comes and says: 'we're sorry, but you're nothing, you've got nothing for us and we've got nothing for you', you say: 'No', and say it loud: "NO!

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The Mighty Wah! - Story of the Blues, Pt. [*][Mix] Lyrics | SongMeanings

He gets a kick out of expanding and contracting his trading name, but in maverick, dandyish essence Wylie is Wah! The creator describes it as a labour of love, recorded over months, learning the tech as he and Hedges went along.

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Ask the fans who sing it at Liverpool games. Those drums are played by Linn.

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  4. While the song might have once been oh-so-mistakenly misread as a reference to Everton FC, its emanating aura of togetherness has seen it recently adopted by fans of Manchester City FC, and before that Chelsea, leaving Wylie understandably touched. Except you can.

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